Spring/Summer To Do List

Apparently it is going to hit 60 degrees today and although I'm pretty skeptical that will actually happen I figured I should celebrate this momentous occasion since I haven't seen 60 degree weather in.. I don't even know how long. So in honor of this "Spring" weather today I decided to share some Spring/Summer Goals for the upcoming months that I'd like to accomplish.

Grow fresh herbs. (Any tips?)


Throw a BBQ.

Have a campfire / s'mores party.

Go fishing.

Visit Buttermilk Falls and Salt Springs.

Attend a concert.

Have dinner outside as often as possible.

Have margarita's outside as often as possible.

Learn to drive a standard car (1000th time is a charm, right? maybe..)

Take Bailey to a lake/pond/stream swimming.

Go to as many B-Mets baseball games as possible.

Grill a pizza (weird.. but I've never done it and am super curious about it..)

Day Trip to Syracuse Zoo.

and last but not least ..

Try not to have a mental breakdown with wedding planning and crafting.

What are some things you have on your Spring/Summer To Do List?

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  1. This is a great list!! Take a deep breath when wedding planning and know it will BE beautiful and just enjoy the moment and the small things. :-) so glad I followed you and can read about your adventures!


  2. I'm all about the eating (and drinking) outdoors, and having a BBQ is also on my list. Cheers to spring!

  3. I'm so behind on my blog reading but I wanted to add my very late 5 cents... I love the idea of creating to do lists for summer. It's autumn/ winter in South Africa so I'm seriously considering a to do list for winter so I just don't end up hibernating?! *sigh* ;)


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