I Never Learned: Vegetables, Fractions or Toilet Paper

Nadine at East & wrote a blog post about things she "doesn’t know" which got me thinking about things that I don't know or never learned either. Go check out her list here!
It is hard for me to believe that I am actually only 2 years away from being 30 (!!!!!!!I'm not ready!!!!!!.) I don't feel mature enough and I still do or say things from time to time that even makes me shake my head at myself. Like when I backed into a tree on Easter. I feel like I am missing a few years in between 18 - 28 because there are still so many things that I never learned how to do.
  • Fractions. I couldn’t finish a 3rd grade fraction homework sheet if my life depended on it.
  • Taxes/checkbook balancing/retirement/stocks/savings terms. I think there should be a mandatory class in high school for every student that teaches them normal day to day things you’ll need to know as an adult.
  • How to start a fresh roll of toilet paper without massacring it. I ruin half of the roll during this process.
  • How to find the perfect shade of foundation. Cool, warm, neutral undertones? I have NO idea. I’m strawberry blonde with dark eyes, pale skin and blueish veins - there is no makeup shade that matches my skin.
  • Wedding etiquette. Did I miss the memo sent to all little girls regarding wedding planning? There are so many rules, tips, expectations, ETC that my head is spinning..
  • A foreign language. In high school I took 2 years of Spanish and can’t speak a word.
  • How to shave my legs without cutting them. It’s a blood bath every time I shave.
  • How to change a tire. I really have no desire to ever change a tire.
  • Posture. I am the slouchiest person that has ever slouched.
  • To like vegetables. Growing up my mom always served vegetables at the dinner table and I never touched them. It hasn't been until recently that I started to eat these foods. I still don't like them, but I realize I need to be healthier. (I typed that as I was ate a piece of chocolate, how fitting.) 
  • Laundry terms. Are all women supposed to know how to properly wash knits, cottons and wools? Was this taught in Home Ec. class?
  • How to use power tools.
  • How to buy and or hang curtains. Seriously, I wish I could attend a class on this because I'm clueless.
  • Brew the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Not overcook chicken, beef or fish. No matter how many times I google the proper way to cook these things, I always overcook them.
  • How to only have "a couple drinks." It's either all or none.
What are some "things" you've never learned?


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    1. Nancy, how fun!!! Theses are so great and so relatable!!! I am like 75% of these and I may have to actually sit down and make myself a list,, cause at 44, it's hard telling how much I never learned!!! Lol. You have a wonderful Monday pretty lady!!


    2. Girl amen to all of the above! Love this post idea. May steal it. Or may not because it's not like I've been the most stellar blogger lately.


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