Five on Friday

Friday, you're one sexy lady and I love you.

The first week back to work after a tropical vacation can only be described as miserable, exhausting and cruel. I'll update you on the details of that amazing adventure when I get the ambition to load the 100 beach margarita photo's from my iPhone sometime this weekend.

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1) The cold. 
It's still here. And it's still brutal. And I still hate it.

2) House of Cards. 
LOVE. IT. Paco and I have been binging on the new season and have only 4 more episodes left in our Netflix queue so I bet we'll finish that this weekend.

3) Bloody Marys.
I've only had a handful of these tomato concoctions in my lifetime but recently I've been craving them and recreating them at home. I haven't found the perfect balance of ingredients yet, but I'm having fun trying.

4) Save-the-Dates.
Our Save-the-Dates were mailed out early this week and I've already received many messages from friends and family expressing their excitement about our big day! It's finally becoming real..
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5) R.I.P.P.E.D. 
With less than 6 months to go before the wedding I figured it was time to start worrying about fitting into that very expensive white dress I purchased a couple months ago... So I headed to my first RIPPED class and holy shit.. what a workout. RIPPED stands for Resistance. Interval. Power. Polymetric. Endurance. Diet. It is an intense workout and I urge you to find a class ASAP if you're looking for a new workout.

Have any of you tried a RIPPED workout yet? Or mastered a perfect Bloody Mary recipe?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. oohh found your blog on Friday link-up!
    My Save the Dates were in my 5 things! I am going to check out RIPPED - my wedding is in August and I need a little motivation to get my butt moving!!
    I haven't gotten on the Bloody Mary bandwagon - here in Canada, it is all about the Ceasars (pretty much the same thing but with Clamato juice!)
    Renee C.

  2. I am a sucker for Bloody Marys - or as we call them in Canada - Caesars. I like mine extra spicy and loaded with veggies (and maybe even a jumbo prawn on a skewer).


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