Buy Your Aunt a Case of Wine + Other Practical Gifts

This time of year Blogland is full of gift guides and suggestions and I'm sure you are already sick of reading them. Or, you have already purchased all of your gifts and if that's the case I hate you Congrats! I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring and give you a Sincerely and Sarcastically approved Holiday Gift Guide.

1) Case of wine. Simple enough, right? Go to the liquor store ask for a box and fill it up with random bottles of wine. Show up to your next holiday party or Aunt's house with a case of wine and you'll be the star of the show. They will certainly find a use for 12 bottles of wine during the holiday season by entertaining, re-gifting or drowning their own sorrows. Give the gift of booze and everyone wins.

2) K-Cups. That shit is expensive. And sure you can rationalize that a cup of brew from your local shop costs $3+ while a 12 pack of K-cups only cost blah blah blah. Whatever. I HATE adding a pack of K-cups into my grocery cart because I know that's instantly another $8 - $10 tacked  onto my grocery bill and Mama needs to save her money for the 2 for $4 Bagel Bites deal! If you want to get a little creative you can create your own chocolate covered coffee spoons/stirrers and attach those to the box of K-Cups with a bow.

3) Gift card to photographer. Chances are you have a local photographer who offers great family sessions for a low cost. This gift works for new parents, families, the engaged couple, the 50 year anniversary couple, the high school senior and college graduate. I think everyone would enjoy a gift certificate for professional photo services.

4) Scrub Daddy. Sounds weird, I know. But hear me out! This is an incredible sponge featured on the popular show Shark Tank and the inventor has made millions off of this little smiley sponge. I buy mine from QVC or Home Depot but they can also be found on Amazon. Go do yourself a favor and watch the demonstration video of this product online and prepare to be amazed. It really does work, I promise. It can be used in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, hell - I even used it to scrap paint off my hands during the kitchen painting fiasco. It's a conversation piece that's for sure.

5) iTunes gift card. Nearly everyone has an iPhone, iPad or iWhatever. I'm sure your child / best friend / grandma  / baby sister / cat groomer has one of these devices and they can easily add the gift card to their account to buy music, movies, games, apps, and whatever else.

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  1. First off-- love the name of your blog! I totally love this list-- truly original and now I want to check out that Scrub Daddy!

  2. I love me some Shark Tank, I'm gonna' have to check out that product now! :) I have MOST of my shopping done, but I'm stumped on my mom's gift... ugh!

  3. NO.4 scrub daddy it on shark tank I love it.

  4. Those Scrub Daddys are amazing! I keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. It's lasted 6 months so far.

  5. Those Scrub Daddys are amazing! I keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. It's lasted 6 months so far.

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