A Few Observations...

You know how when you learn a new word and then you see that word everywhere?
Well, this is a mishmash list of things I've been noticing lately. Enjoy.

Every blogger has their own t-shirt line out now.

Or they are writing a book.

Or they are training to be marathon runner.

OR they are jumping onto the Taylor Swift bank wagon (...myself included.)

I think am the only person that has not watched Gilmore Girls.

Better yet, I think I am the only person who is NOT going to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Peanut butter tastes best when eaten out of the jar. With a fork.

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The Bagel Bites people should have asked me to participate in their blogger campaign.

If there is ever a wine/bagel bites/peanut butter/bad decisions campaign... I should be the ring leader.

Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) should have been Mr. Grey (and no, I'm still not over him backing out of the role.)

The women who love wedding planning are bat shit crazy. I am so stressed I need to be put in a padded room.

Why are people trying to make easy recipes even easier with Crockpots? For example: mashed potatoes. You really don't have the 30 minutes to peel, boil, and mash potatoes? But you have time to put them in a Crockpot and wait 5 hours for them to cook? Am I missing something?

Where the hell did November go? Thanksgiving is next week. HOW is that possible?

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  1. Haha love this and I am not over jax backing out either aka Charlie lol

  2. LOL I love you. Is that weird? I'm pretty sure we're basically the same person. I am SO pissed Jax isn't going to be Mr. Grey (ahhhh!!!! would've been PERFECT for it!!!)

    I watched Gilmore Girls back in high school for like...a week. Hate it. Will never watch it. Gross.

    Wedding planning blows. I just want it to be done and over with!!!! yeah I definitely don't understand girls like that either. too much work for me!!!

    AND OMG I AM THE SAME about the mashed potatoes too!!! just doesn't make sense to me either. ha!

    Happy Friday!!!

  3. Um, can I jump on the bagel bites and wine blog campaign? K, thanks.
    P.S. don't watch Gilmore Girls and don't intend to start a Netflix binge of it.

  4. I also have never seen Gilmore Girls, nor do I have plans to. I also hated every minute of wedding planning.

  5. "The women who love wedding planning are bat shit crazy. I am so stressed I need to be put in a padded room."

    110% agree. Most stressful time ever. Over a year later, I still have flashbacks.

  6. Oh man, you couldn't pay me to plan another wedding! Blah! and I am so sad about Charlie not being mr Grey. Like possibly, clinically depressed. Whhhhhy would he back out!?


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