Things That (You Forgot) Suck

Twizzlers. This whole post was inspired by Twizzlers.

I love all candy, remember? Well, the other day I was craving some sweets, so I strolled over to the vending machine area at work, and perused the selection. For some reason I chose Twizzlers and the second I bit into the first piece I said to myself "Yup, that was a bad decision."

Halfway through the package of candy (obviously, I had to finish the package to make sure they really sucked) I started to think of other things that suck that I forget they suck until I'm experience the sucky thing. You follow? If not, let me explain. Other examples include:

The Dentist. Sure, everyone knows the Dentist isn't fun but a couple days before the appointment you just give in to the fact that you have to go and tell yourself it won't be that bad. But the moment you sit in that plastic covered chair and have another person’s fingers jammed in your mouth hole trying to carry on a conversation you remember how bad these Dentist appointments actually are.

The Gyno. Just replace jammed fingers in your mouth hole with jammed fingers in your.... wait. Nevermind.

Jean Shopping. I try to avoid this at all costs. I would rather go bathing suit shopping than jean shopping because I can never find anything that fits correctly. I have 1 pair that currently fits "okay" and I will wear them until they a) no longer fit or b) rip. I'm always optimistic when I decide to go shopping by telling myself that those 3 squats I did the night before will make all the difference but the moment I slip my foot into the first leg hole I instantly remember why I avoid shopping for jeans.

Math. Go ahead. Try to do some super abstract algebra or geometry problem (I always hated how teachers called math examples math “problems.” Yeah, no shit. This is a giant problem because math is awful.) I honestly have no idea how I got through math classes without drugs. Thank God my college had a "History of Math" class that counted for math credits.

Stubbing your toe. I would rather give birth to an adult hippo than stub my toe.

Hangovers. I think we can all relate to this one, right? I have had my fair share of hangovers and while I never intend to drink that much (that’s a lie) sometimes when the mood is right you can’t help yourself. One moment you’re sipping a Miller Lite bottle and then the next thing you know you’re taking shots of Fireball and accepting drinks from strangers at the bar. It’s fun at the time so you don’t stop to think about the consequences you surely will experience the next day. However, when your head is laying on a dirty toilet seat the next morning you are reminded why drinking sucks. Until the next night when you do it again. It's a never ending cycle. (Or is that just me?)

If you've never had a hangover, just drink margaritas from pint glasses.
It's the quickest way to get a hangover.

Biting into that mystery nubby piece of "chicken" at McDonalds. You know what I'm talking about, right? That weird lumpy cartilage piece of chicken? If not, congratulations. I have bitten into that mystery chicken piece on more than 1 occasion and it has ruined my whole day. In fact, it has ruined McDonalds for me forever since I can't remember the last time I ate at a McDonalds.

Snow. Just kidding. I never forget how much snow sucks. Remember?

The day after Christmas. What.. a.. let.. down. Enough said.

Or better yet, working the day before Thanksgiving. Like myself, today. I’m one of the only few people in the office, and I have a feeling today is going to drag on.

So now, in the true spirit of Thanksgiving.. what are some other things that suck?

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Things I should have done this weekend.

Monday's are not that tough when you only have 3 days of work ahead of you before the glorious feast known as Thanksgiving. I wasn't all too excited about the Holiday until this morning when I realized I only had to endure 3 more days of my hellish 5:30 a.m. wake up call before I could start drinking heavily without feeling guilty because duh, Thanksgiving is for drinking heavily without judgment.

You can quote me on that.

I feel like every year around this time my body goes into hibernation mode where I try to salvage all of the "down" time I can get before my schedule is bombarded with family parties, shopping, and last minute work deadlines. I had a whole list of things I should have done this weekend but, yeah, none of them happened.

In a perfect world, I would have done at least SOME of the following things this weekend:

- review and order engagements photos
- clean the bathroom
- vacuum the downstairs, staircase, and upstairs
- finish blog post drafts (I have about 50)
- mop kitchen floor
- hang up photos and shelves in newly painted kitchen (Home Improvement)
- clean out my car
- make appointment for snow tires (The S Word)
- make rice krispie treats (my spin on this classic recipe coming soon)
- exercise
- schedule a haircut
- start and complete one of the 3 million Pinterest projects from my Craft Board
- clean out my closet and donate unused items to the Salvation Army
- start Christmas shopping
- put on real clothes
- pay bills
- figure out wtf I'm doing for wedding stuff
- return clothes to TJ Maxx
- take a nap
- update my resume

So you see, I actually had a lot of things to complete this weekend but in reality all I did was the following:

- watched Netflix until my eyes hurt
- drank boxed wine

My lack of weekend activities also means a lack of photos; however, I’m sure my weekend looked a little something like this:

border collie, sheets, dog, bedding

Anyway, Happy Monday!

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A Few Observations...

You know how when you learn a new word and then you see that word everywhere?
Well, this is a mishmash list of things I've been noticing lately. Enjoy.

Every blogger has their own t-shirt line out now.

Or they are writing a book.

Or they are training to be marathon runner.

OR they are jumping onto the Taylor Swift bank wagon (...myself included.)

I think am the only person that has not watched Gilmore Girls.

Better yet, I think I am the only person who is NOT going to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Peanut butter tastes best when eaten out of the jar. With a fork.

A photo posted by Nancy Edwards (@nancyelizedwards) on

The Bagel Bites people should have asked me to participate in their blogger campaign.

If there is ever a wine/bagel bites/peanut butter/bad decisions campaign... I should be the ring leader.

Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) should have been Mr. Grey (and no, I'm still not over him backing out of the role.)

The women who love wedding planning are bat shit crazy. I am so stressed I need to be put in a padded room.

Why are people trying to make easy recipes even easier with Crockpots? For example: mashed potatoes. You really don't have the 30 minutes to peel, boil, and mash potatoes? But you have time to put them in a Crockpot and wait 5 hours for them to cook? Am I missing something?

Where the hell did November go? Thanksgiving is next week. HOW is that possible?

The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup

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Thankful Thursday

What is it about the Holiday season that makes us (or at least most of us) burst with joy?  We buy gifts for our families, friends and co-workers. We bake cookies. Listen to Christmas music. Decorate our houses. Plan parties. And so on.Wouldn't life be SO much better if we celebrated like that year round?

Every year, especially around Thanksgiving, we are encouraged to stop and reflect on all of the things and people we are grateful for. I personally love doing that since sometimes I tend to dwell on negative things rather than the positive.

So when the beautiful Katelyn from XO, Katelyn tagged me to participate in this great idea I was happy to oblige!
XO, Katelynn

Here are the details: List a few things that you are grateful for and then tag 10 bloggers and invite them to do the same. Make sure to mention the person that tagged you, and also be sure to let them know you tagged them.

Here is my list.. some sentimental.. some more practical.

thanks, thanksgiving, thankful thursday

1: Family.
Mine is the best.
stick figure family

<insert real family picture here one day when I finally have the balls to tell them about the blog..>

2: Paco.
He truly is amazing. He puts up with my crazy mood swings, is nothing but supportive and always respects me. There are times when I give him plenty of reasons to tell me to piss off and he never does.

engagement photos, love, nature, engaged

3: Friends.
Although I don't see them or talk to them as much as I'd like, I am still thankful knowing they are there.

4: Health.

5: Bailey.
I've never been responsible for taking care of another living things life and although she's a pain sometimes I really do love that little pup.

border collie, best friend, let me tell you about my best friend

6: Indulgences.
I know you're thinking "Gee Nancy, thanks, that's super specific..." Hear me out.. I am thankful for all of the material things and indulgences I am lucky enough to afford such as: WINE, coffee, chocolate, pizza, a new car, etc. There are so many things that I take for granted and I forget how luck I am sometimes. Allie has talked about that here and it's a great read.

pinterest, granted, quotes, grateful

7: The Unknown.
Which sounds kind of dark and scary now that I typed it out. But I am thankful for life and all of its adventures. I sort of like not knowing exactly how it is all going to play out.

pinterest; lets be adventurous; quotes

Alright ladies, your turn!

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The S Word.

I hate the "S" word. Actually, I hate a few "S' words and unfortunately they are common occurrences in my neck of the woods.

Snow. Slush. Storms. Sleet. Slippery. Shiver. Skating. Skiing. Snowmobiling. Snowboarding. Shoveling. Sledding. Snow tires. Sneeze. Sniffle. Snot. SAD.

All of these S words can be attributed to NEPA winters. And let me preface this by saying I understand our winters have nothing on some of the other areas in the world but I'm a giant wuss so bear with me. I started thinking about all of these "S" words today when I woke up and saw a fresh coat of snow blanketing the ground.


Obviously I didn't take a picture of it, because.. I hate it but I also wasn't prepared to deal with such a travesty so early in the morning (on my FIRST day back to work after 10 glorious days of stay-cation.)

To me it looked like this..


In reality it probably looked more like this..


And to be fair – I can’t say I actually “hate” skating, skiing, snowmobiling, and snowboarding because I've never done ANY of those activities. Yes, I have managed to be a PA resident for 28 years and never partake in any of those sports. Why? Because I hate cold weather and snow.

Anyway. Happy Monday.

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I could get used to this.. Stay-cation without Pants.

Today is my third day of stay-cation and y'all.. I could get used to this. Besides the obvious perks such as not having to work.. here are a few other things I've been loving:

Sleeping in!! I normally wake up at 5:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and that is exhausting. 5:30 a.m is not a normal time to be awake and function in society. I know, I know. Some of you freaks love to get up at 4:30 a.m. and work out and solve world hunger. You probably also go to bed at 7 p.m. whereas I don't retreat to the bedroom until 11 p.m. most nights because I have trouble sleeping. So yeah.. 5:30 a.m. is cruel and unusual punishment.

Morning TV shows. Today Show. Good Morning America. Kelly and Michael. Ellen DeGeneres. The View. And today I just learned that Bravo TV plays Sex and the City re-runs all morning (!!!!)

Eating breakfast. Yes, even something as trivial as breakfast is exciting. I have not sat down with a bowl of cereal and watched the news since college. It is amazing.

Being a stay at home dog mom. Bailey goes to work with Paco normally but since I am home all week I am keeping her here with me and it's glorious. Serious girlfriend bonding time.

Not having to wear pants. I mean dress pants. Or work clothes. I've been in yoga pants and sweatshirts for the past 3 days and I don't hate it. But I am starting to feel like one of those people from wal-mart..

Relaxation. I cannot remember the last time I felt this relaxed. I have worked non-stop since graduating high school. I worked full time the summer before college and then during college I worked part time while maintaining a full course load. Even during winter and summer breaks I worked full-time. It wasn't until 2012 when Paco and I decided to take a vacation and drive to Colorado that I had a week off in YEARS (same for him, he never takes time off.) We took a week off in 2013 too to drive to Florida and while that was fun, driving 19 hours isn't the epitome of relaxation. So I am fully enjoying this stay-cation of doing nothing.

One thing that I am NOT loving is that the past two days when I was busy inhaling paint fumes it was unseasonably warm and sunny out. But today when I have no home improvement plans.. it's dreary and dark. Is it too early to start drinking? Asking for a friend..

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Linking up with Fitness Blondie!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie

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Home Improvement - Behind the Scenes

Yesterday I mentioned how I was tackling a few home improvement projects beginning with painting my kitchen walls. Well, I should have said "Today I am tackling my ONLY home improvement project ever because screw this shit I am hiring a professional next time."

Preferably Al and Tim the Tool Man Taylor.

al; tim the tool man; home improvement

I was very optimistic about this whole painting project. Thinking "How hard is it to paint a few walls?"  The answer is hard. Very friggen hard.

I started with washing the walls first. Which was more of a obstacle than I imagined. Besides slopping soapy hot water all over the hard wood floors and myself I had a bitch of a time reaching the tops of the walls. Why? Because apparently I think my 5'4" frame is more like that of a NBA star and I failed to realize I would need a step stool or ladder. I used a small table instead which ultimately worked but it was basically like an hour and a half Cross Fit workout.

cross fit, cross fit, jump box

And Tai, do some Jump Boxes and then your buns will feel like steel. MOVING ON.

Once the walls were washed I decided to go to our local hardware store for painting supplies and a paint roller extender because... I'm short and needed the extra height. The hardware store was open but there was not an employee in sight. I waited. And waited. And contemplated just taking my supplies and leaving an IOU but criminal theft wasn't on the list of activities for that day so I left.

I stopped by the Dollar Store and picked up a few supplies but realized that the $1 paint brush probably wouldn't yield the results I desired.

So a 15 minute drive to ANOTHER hardware store was ahead of me. But first, I had to run home and lock the door (since I  thought my first trip downtown would've lasted 2 seconds not 20 minutes) and make sure the dog wasn't eating the paint or walls or whatever.

Hardware store trip number 2 was more successful. Thank God.

I unpacked my supplies. Put on my soapy wet clothes from before and started to tape off the walls. I would rather shut my hand in a car door than tape off trim and ceilings. What a pain in the ass. And again.. I had to use my trusty "cross fit" table again. By the time I was actually ready to paint I was so exhausted I contemplated calling someone to finish the job.

I didn't prime the walls because I'm an asshole  the walls were already painted white and I didn't think I needed to. Well, I did. Because the original white paint was older and drank up allllll of the paint I was slapping on the walls. I thought a gallon of paint would have been sufficient. Wrong again.

I was able to get one coat out of the gallon but I would need a second coat of paint which meant I'd need another gallon.

I bought the Benjamin Moore paint from a paint store. 30 minutes away. I had to put away the paint supplies so the dog didn't get into them and make a mess. Change into something not soapy, wet and paint covered and get in the car to drive 30 minutes to the paint store. At 5 p.m.

I didn't get home until after 6:30 p.m. and by that time I was in no mood to finish the job.

So guess what that means? Round 2 today. Please excuse me while I go cry.

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Home Improvements

I've lived in my current house for the past 4+ years. In those 4 years I have done little (read: none) in the terms of decorating. Meaning the walls are still white and bare. I don't have kitchen curtains. The only photos in my house are on bookshelves since I'm too lazy to actually hammer a nail into the wall to hang them up properly.

When I decided to take a week off of work for a much needed stay-cation I had no intention of starting home improvement projects. But I currently have my entire kitchen torn apart and a can of Benjamin Moore paint calling my name (read: Why did I do this to myself?)

paint, Benjamin moore, home decor

Since I took a full week off I figured I may as well make the most of it and tackle projects I've been meaning to do for the last ... 4 years. And speaking of 4 years... where the hell did that time go? I'd like it back please and thank you.

Wish me luck!

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I'm an Addict.

I'm an addict. And I think it's time to address it.

I am addicted.. to sugar.

pie, sugar, addicted, addicted to sugar

I cannot stop eating it. Even though I know it isn't healthy that doesn't stop me from eating an entire bag of chocolate chips in a week or a whole pack of Starburst candies in a day (the yellows are favorite.)

I have always loved candy. Some of my favorite memories as a child are riding my bike down to Mireider's store with a handful of change to buy pieces of Mary Jane chews, packs of Mallo cups and cups of red Slush Puppy drinks. But, I wouldn't say I was addicted to it back then.

However, as of late, I cannot stop eating it. I crave it. I love it. I look forward to it. I don't discriminate against candy either, I love it all. Those left over black jelly beans from Easter? Sure! I'll finish those. Circus peanuts? Why not! Necco wafers? LOVE them.

I now understand why parents try to limit the sugar intake of their children because it is addicting. I have never craved sugar before, but now I can't walk past a bowl of candy without scooping up a handful. Also, I VERY RARELY drink soda, I mean like 5 times a year, if that, but recently I bought a Diet Coke and since then.. I have been craving that too. WHAT GIVES?!

I have once gotten so desperate for candy that I ended up eating sprinkles I found in the back of a kitchen cabinet.

Just last night I ate a couple life saver lollipops, tootsie roll fruit rolls, sour gummy rings, and a vanilla cream cookie... see?! I told you I had a problem! The next problem is going to be my jeans when they won't fit over my jiggly ass. I think I'm one Hershey Kiss away from needing an intervention.

I wanted to try the Advocare Herbal cleanse before the Holiday's to clean out my sugar poisoned body and get a handle back on my diet but I'm skeptical to try a cleanse. Do they really work? Does anyone have experience with Advocare and/or cleanses?

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Thanksgiving Food + Other Holiday Things

I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving food (only a few more weeks to go!)

My mom makes the best Thanksgiving stuffing (or dressing if that's what you call it) in the world. The best. If I could eat it everyday, I would. But I would probably gain 150 lbs. since it isn't the most figure friendly recipe. She adds ground sausage and 2+ sticks of butter. Butter = Life.

Since I've already been thinking about Thanksgiving food like a greedy asshole, I thought I should channel some of that excitement toward other things I am looking forward to this Holiday season.

First and foremost - Family. I love hanging out, talking, laughing and drinking with my family.

vintage, christmas, santa
My Dad loved the holidays.

Speaking of drinking.. I can't wait to start guzzling down glasses of this fine concoction: Champagne Punch.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade because.. SANTA!

Peanut butter coffee from Tom's.


Homemade pumpkin pie.

Time off work.

Watching Bailey run around in the snow.

#TBT, border collie, snow
#ThrowbackThursday.. Bailey's first encounter with snow

Christmas decorations.

Sometimes I forget to put away Halloween decorations.. enter Skull Santa.
Picking out the Christmas tree. (Is my family the only one that has annual fights over the Christmas tree? Don't worry, I am making sure to bring that tradition into my home with Paco. He loves it.)

christmas tree, hand cut, tree farm

The smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

Poached eggs, Canadian bacon and mimosa breakfast on Christmas morning.

Mom's  Christmas cookies.

Champagne Punch.

Watching my nephew open presents. And then playing with all of them because how cool are little kids toys now-a-days?!

Red wine and Harry London dark chocolate.

Ribbon candy and candy canes.

Wrapping gifts.

A Christmas Story marathon on TBS.

Mixed nuts (the ones you buy in bulk and have to crack yourself.)

Spiral-cut "fat" ham (My brother called it fat ham when he was younger because it was thicker than the regular deli ham we would buy for sandwiches.. the name has stuck and we still call it "fat" ham.)

Have I mentioned Champagne Punch?

And last but not least.. wearing these elf ears while we pick out the Christmas tree and embarrassing Paco and my family.

elf ears, elf

 What are your favorite parts of the Holiday season?

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Who Wants to Win Some Cash? A GIVEAWAY!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Staycation 2014!

Do you know what I just remembered? Of course you don’t because I didn't even remember until today.

I have a 5-day vacation next week. 

orange is the new black netflix

You might be asking yourself, how does one forget this type of amazing information?

Well, the last time I took a full week off was in 2013.. June 2013. As in LAST YEAR and not this PAST June. So I kind of forgot what it felt like to have an upcoming vacation.

No, I don’t love my job so much that I prefer to NOT take time off, it just never seemed to work out this year. All summer I intended to schedule a few days off and plan some long weekends but summer slipped away faster than I expected and it wasn't until last month I realized I was over my limit of vacation accrual. I needed to take time off ASAP so I quickly glanced at the calendar and picked the week of November 10th. Which is probably the worst time ever to take vacation time since it's November.. and it's cold.. and I’m not traveling anywhere. 

We decided not to travel this summer/fall and save that vacation money for when we desperately need it. AKA anytime from January - March when NEPA resembles The North in Game of Thrones

game of thrones hbo
I am looking forward to a week off more than you could ever imagine. 

I hope to catch up on some blog reading plus maybe figure out some wedding stuff. Any suggestions on things to do during a week long Stay-cation (besides drinking my weight in wine?)

Who am I kidding? I plan on hibernating until November 17th when I’m expected back at work.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for your chance to enter into an amazing giveaway opportunity!

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Daylight Savings Time Sucks + Announcement!

Daylight savings time..

robert downy jr eye roll

Enough said.

I put away all of my Halloween decorations today and my soul died a little. Just because that means that the Fall season is over and now we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving which means Christmas is a blink away. I love Christmas but it is such a stressful time of year. Plus, I hate snow and that is an inevitable part of NEPA cold weather. This morning I saw photos of snow covered yards on my Facebook news feed and I wanted to book a one way ticket to someplace tropical. Because F snow.

ANYWAY, I wanted to stop in and say thanks to Helene and Taylor for putting on such a great blog hop. I met so many amazing bloggers and I can't thank them enough for that.


Make sure to stop back on November 4th for an exciting giveaway opportunity!

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