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Y'all.. the struggle is real today. Too much beer last night. Way too much beer. BUT, I showed up today because I want to try my hardest to complete Blogtober.

Today our prompt is "If I Were President.." and I'm having a hard time writing this because (beer, duh) I never would want the job of a President. That sounds like an awful lot of responsibility and I have no desire for it. I have a hard time picking out shoes for my outfit let alone make decisions for an entire population of people.

But here are few things that I would address if I were President:

- Every kid gets a free trip to Disney.

- Every person would get Columbus Day, MLK Day, Good Friday.. etc. off of work besides just teachers.

- Plus Monday's. No one likes working on Mondays.. 3 day weekend, every weekend.

- It would be mandatory to own a dog, specifically a hyper Border Collie, before having children. Because.. pets and kids are similar, remember? If you can survive the Border Collie you will then be allowed to have children.

- Christmas gifts will be free. Not sure how I'd do that.. but any gift deemed for Christmas - free of charge.

- Bullying would not be tolerated. The punishment? Locked in a room full of scary clowns, for a month.

Now off to nurse this hangover. Happy Saturday!

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  1. I wouldn't like to be president either, and I like your free trip to disney per child!

  2. Pets > Children - because every time you come home to a pet, it's the BEST DAY EVER for them. And you never have to send them to college! lol. And YES on the 3 day weekends! Where can I write you in as a candidate in November? :P

  3. I've got the Christmas one figured out for you.. and I feel kind of embarrassed for you.. but it's not like it's a big secret or anything.. google Santa and boom- everything will be alright.
    The dog and kid thing. I mean really... you need a license to drive, a passport to travel, a diploma to whatever.. yet, the most important job...... anyone can do? Huh.. total oversight there God. ;)


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