Spiders are Asshats - and Blogtober Pet Peeves

I almost broke my car window this afternoon because an asshole spider decided to break into my car and descend off its webby ass hair into my peripheral vision as I was driving. My first thought was to crash the car into the brick building ahead of me but thankfully I thought better and managed to avoid that cluster f*** by just punching the window.

I missed the spider with my first punch, obviously. So then had to repeatedly slap the window as I was driving down a busy street.

Have I mentioned that I hate spiders?

Moving on, I totally slacked with Blogtober the past few days. I had every intention of completing all 31 prompts..  but then life happened. More on that at another time..

Today we are talking about Pet Peeves. I wrote something along the lines of this before so go read that one first, please..

K. Thanks.

I am a very irritable person and I even piss myself off on a daily basis.. so yeah, I do have quite a few pet peeves. Including:

- People who use the word seen incorrectly: "I seen you the other day." No, no you did not "seen" me anywhere.

- People who call me when they are eating. Rude.

- Feet and toes. AND when people say "toe nails" Gross.

- Other drivers. All of them.

- Loud chewers. It's actually a disorder.. I swear. (Misophonia)

- An unmade bed will drive me to drink.

- PEOPLE WHO ORDER FOOD ITEMS IN THE DUNKIN DONUTS DRIVE THRU! GO IN THE STORE! I just want my large black coffee!!!!! It's okay if you order a donut or bagel in the drive thru.. that's acceptable since its easy to prepare.. but if you order sandwiches or a dozen donuts I may get out of my car and hit you. I'm in a rush! MOVE IT.

- Bored stay at home moms that troll on Facebook all day. Get a job or go play with your kid.

- TV shows starting at 10pm. I wake up at 5:30am for work.. I am exhausted by 10pm and just want to wind down and not get super amped up about American Horror Story or TeenMom2.. (read: I'm old.)

- The couple that writes "ZOMG I love you so much! etc etc etc" on each others Facebook. You don't need to announce and/or address it to all of Facebook. You look like an asshole.

I promise I am not a mean person.. I am just very irritable.

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Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. Haha love this!! I totally agree with you about the pet peeves, I feel like sometimes I am crazy or just rude but I can get annoyed with many of these things!

  2. I hate the sound of people chewing too! It makes me so self-conscious when I think I am chewing loud, and I don't understand how others don't hear themselves chewing loudly! Ditto to being an irritable person...I swear I am trying to be better!

  3. Hahahaha @ "other drivers". I'm glad you covered all bases there! Lol

  4. Oh my word your example of incorrect usauge of language had me laughing so hard. In South Africa, people who use that incorrect term are from once specific area lol


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